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The SPORE Mobile Gallery was a small portable gallery located inside of a 1996 Ford Windstar Minivan. Emily took it on two cross-country tours and made frequent trips around the Midwest, often with Chicago and Minneapolis as destinations. The interior was designed by Robert Long. Cameron Fuller painted the owl on the hood. Prior to the expansiveness of social media and the inception of many other projects of its kind, the mobile gallery began as a way to connect folks to art they might not see. Gas stations and parking lots became frequent points of accessibility while galleries and venues served as landing points for the project.


Throughout its duration a number of artists created installations for the gallery. Among them: Allan Killian-Moore (Minneapolis/Duluth, MN), Sarah Leitten (Chicago, IL), Robert Long (Dallas, TX), Simiya Sudduth (St Louis, MO), Chloe Bethany (St. Louis,), Juliet Hinely (Ann Arbor, MI), and a collaboration with Ellie Shepley (St Louis MO). Cranky Yellow/ David Wolk, Keith Buchholz, Dr. Bill Russell, Stan Chisholm, Michael Allen, and Sarah Paulsen all of St Louis, MO were contributors. Musicians Chris Marshall (Chicago, IL) and Annie Sparkle (Portland, OR) made appearances performing from the roof during the People's Joy Parade, a community art parade in St Louis, MO.  

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