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The Migratory Hive Project invites viewers to experience the micro and macrocosm through an exploratory fun house filled with hives containing miniature artist-made worlds. This large-scale version was erected for a week at the True/False Film Festival in Columbia, MO in 2013. The project involved a core team of 8 builders from St Louis, MO and Minneapolis, MN areas. Over 20 artists contributed to the interior of the hives along with a student group from the CARE Program in Columbia, MO who designed their hive in collaboration with Emily during an afterschool event as part of festival festivities.  

The first iteration of the Migratory Hive project was a pop-up event developed for the 2011 Southern Graphics Conference on Cherokee Street in St Louis, MO. It displayed the "Seven Lost Buildings in Old North" a photography and text series featuring the work of historians Lynn Josse and Michael Allen. The Migratory Hive Project made appearances at the Chautauqua Art Lab (CQAL) in 2012 and Temporal Cities: Blanket Fort Festival: Benton Park in 2014.

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