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Temporal Cities: Blanket Fort Festival

Temporal Cities provides an opportunity for interactive momentary environments to be constructed by creators, participants, and attendees. There is no blueprint. Building on the childhood concept of “blanket forts” the aim of Temporal Cities is to create platforms for experiential collaboration through wonder, rooted in the belief that creativity is intrinsic to human nature- art is for everyone. Temporal Cities seeks to be a bridge between communities, participants, and to inspire individuals. Exploring what is possible. 

As we as a society are starting to gather and investigate what interaction/collaboration can mean and feel like, Emily is exploring what future iterations of this project could become especially in school, work, festival, and neighborhood settings. If you are interested in inquiring more about event possibilities- please reach out! 


Previous Events:

City Museum (2019). Over the duration of the month of June, Emily constructed a blanket fort inside Beatnik Bobs at the City Museum in St Louis, MO and invited museum guests to keep the energy rolling by adding their own additions and ideas. Materials and tools were provided as the environment shifted and changed throughout the duration of the installation. 


Temporal Cities: Benton Park (2014-2018). Free to attend, this event was in partnership with the Benton Park Neighborhood Association. It was a one-day festival in July located in Benton Park in St Louis, MO. The event featured participant built blanket forts, live music, performance art, classes, and installations. Stipends were provided to blanket fort creators, artists, and musicians to help with materials and gifts of time. 

Pulitzer Arts Foundation/Marfa Dialogues: Fox Park Interpretive Center (2013). This was a one-day collectively constructed Interpretive Center on the corner of Shenandoah/California Streets in St Louis, MO. The location was on the same block and neighborhood where Emily lived for over a decade. Participants were encouraged to explore the lot- finding natural and found treasures. Then create a mini museum by tagging collected items with names of choosing. Local historian Lynn Josse shared maps of what the area looked like prior to becoming a built environment and in various stages of development.

Pop-up Blanket Forts with the Contemporary Art Museum's (CAM) Art Bus: Maritz Family Day (2011) & the Magic House (2011): As a guest artist, Emily worked with CAM to setup several pop-up blanket fort experiences including a 3-hour pop-up for an outdoors Martiz's family day event and a weeklong blanket fort installation in a room at the Magic House. With both pop-ups participants were invited to construct a playful environment using provided items which included fabric, tools, soft sculptures, and support materials. 


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